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FOSS equivalent of Google MyMaps

Is there a similar tool of Google MyMaps but #?
Better if based on #

My need is pin some location on a # and save it/create a link or something, maybe via web browser.

Thanks in advance!

# #
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Do you need public links for places? # supports that on their web.

or do you need some app to share location?

With Conversations (jabber/xmpp) you can share "current location" (so you can send to a private room or to yourself and then review/export that message)

with opentracks (android) you can
Photos and markers: mark interesting locations while tracking
  • Export data: export tracks either as KML or GPX
  • No Internet access: Internet is not used
it's useful to take a picture and link it (locally) to a waypoint or place
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@Ondiz that's what i want!!! Thank you! 😁
@ghose [D*] i need the Ondiz solution, thank you the same 😉
Did you mean "ONDer solution"?
@Filo Sganga ahahhah! Need more water! 😛
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For quickly sharing location on a map, I use the share link from # itself. That way, the user ends up on OSM, instead of being hijacked to another site.

If you're planning to simply share multiple locations on a map, check out
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