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open source federated # when?

someone should just skin pixelfed with some css and submit it to hn to get the ball rolling
@dansup did you mean to delete your response?
I did delete and redraft, Mast is pretty buggy though. Will repost it when I get home
I love mast's interface I wish they would figure out the buggyness
serious question: can’t people just choose to create videos the format they want instead of having to use a dumb phone app?
I am not a tiktok user though I did use vine quite a bit when it was still alive. there are no fediverse apps that let you shoot video directly to your feed in an intuitive way. that should change.
try to get less tech folks using pleroma that are not already on internet culture
yeah this works great no reason to make it better or easier for anyone
first step may be to fix whatever issues with the fediverse that is causing you to see a 6 month removed avatar and making you unable to see a .gif 😦
well I don't disagree with that...
whats your definition of a "dumb phone app"
Tiktok is evil. Not because of china but for the concept of user that spreads. Leave to capitalism users that can't use their brain.
that is a very narrow concept of what tiktok is
Probably it's a way to get teens behaviour data. No inyerest if you don't sell market data.
Alex Voss
5 giorni fa

Student of mine is conducting a survey on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. Your input would be much appreciated. Please boost.