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Énorme : Twitter vient de suspendre le compte officiel de Mastodon !!!


In an attempt to protect your privacy, links to Twitter in this posting were replaced by links to the Nitter instance at

not sure, but the general pattern seems well established, look at what I get now when clicking on the URL in my Twitter bio pointing to Mastodon. (It wasn't the case just a few weeks ago.)

@Stefano Zacchiroli @eriol yeah, I'm very much not surprised by the ban.

And I wouldn't have been surprised either by twitter deciding to censor the tweet talking about it, honesty.

I sort-of-wanted to see if there was more about it on the link, but not enough to run twitter's javascript on my computer :)

(btw, now nitter is working, so it was just a temporary glitch, sorry for the noise)